How We Work

Customized - We strive for unique solutions to match individual requirements.

Project Discovery

We kick off the project by gathering information about our clients and their business, goals, problems and hurdles they face in achieving their goals. This is achieved by having several faces to face and online meetings with our clients. Once we have identified the goals and challenges of our clients, we propose the possible solutions to overcome the challenges and achieve their goals.

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Branding & Design

Each project represents our clients and Binaro to the users of the solution we develop, and we make sure it leaves a great impression. We create 100% customised designs for each project giving it a unique personality of its own and ensure seamless usability for great user experience.

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Project Development

With the projects goals and requirements identified and designs in place we get to the development phase where our team of developers converts the business logic and requirements to functional digital solutions. A weekly status update report and biweekly demo of the progress keep the clients involved throughout the development phase that ensures the project meets the intended goals.

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Project Launch

Before the big launch, we attend to the final details and test the project thoroughly to ensure that the project is bug free and ready to attend to the maximum utilization by the end users. Once we get the green signal (your final approval), we deploy the code to a relevant distribution network for the end users. This phase marks the official launch of the project.

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Project Maintenance

Once the project launched, it doesn't end our relationship with the client and the project. Instead, it initiates a new phase of development where we start working at a different level. Adding new features to the system and improving it to take it to the next level.

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