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CMS Websites

At Binaro, we create tailor-made and scalable Content Management System (CMS) solutions, keeping in mind both usability and aesthetics. The CMS that we implement as part of the CMS web development is a web application which makes it easy for you to create and deliver content. At Binaro, we offer both custom CMS website development for medium and large organizations and more affordable CMS website solutions for small businesses and startups. We have a team of CMS developers who are highly experienced in using several open source platforms, databases and frameworks for building robust CMS web solutions.

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E-Commerce Websites

We know what is required to develop an e-Commerce website, generate traffic and convert visitors into buyers. With the help of responsive web design techniques, our e-Commerce web store is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. We make online shopping a charm for buyers and easy to manage for store owners, backed by robust platforms with all required features in place. We can provide customized e-Commerce website development solutions for any kind of requirement, whether it's about selling a product or via subscription, booking a ticket or a hotel, or collecting payments.

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Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

Provide others an avenue to sell their products on your store so you don't have to worry about sourcing the products.


The best cost effective solution for creating your own online store.

Open Cart

Fast, reliable and all-in-one open source solution, suited best for mid-sized online stores.


Utilize the power of Magento, the most robust shopping cart solution.

Intuitive Interface Design

Minimum possible clicks for the customers to place the order on your online store.

Secure Payments

Collect payments directly in your bank accounts and mobile wallets.

Custom Development

Utilising the maximum potential of various open source and closed source frameworks we can develop the most complex requirements into fully functional web applications that can be integrated into your business operations. Custom applications provide limitless development possibilities giving 100% control over each aspect of your product. From web-based applications to social media platforms to hardware integrated products, anything can be developed.

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Mobile Apps Development

Mobile application development is complex and expensive and at the same time highly competitive. Therefore, we have gathered a group of individuals with extensive experience of working with successful mobile application-based products. Providing our clients with not only the design and development services but also with the consultancy regarding the guidelines set by Apple and Google for their respective stores.

Our mobile application development team tends to the specific needs of Startups, Small Businesses and Enterprises to take their idea and develop the (MVP) to full-functional native iOS and Android applications utilising the full power of the OS and device hardware.

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