Branding & Design

Economical - We deliver quality that is cost-effective on time.

Corporate Identity

A company's corporate identity plays an important role in bringing in new clients under their clientele. A nicely designed corporate identity element develops the trust in your products or services without your marketing team even saying a word. If you need a logo, business card, email signatures, letterheads and marketing collection such as brochures and flyers and more, Binaro's design team will be at your service.

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Website UI/UX

The user-interface and experience of the website defines the success of your lead-generation and online sales from your website or web application. We get a quarter of a minute to grab the attention of the users and guide them through the information they are looking for on your website. Our UI/UX designers make sure that we utilize this time at best and create designs that are not only pleasing to the eyes but also enhance the users experience on your website.

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Easy Interface Navigation

Maximum 3 click to get the information user is looking for.

Web Animations

Engaging web animations that conveys your message while uplifting the look and feel of the website at the same time.

User Experience Design

Highly interconnected and interactive website and web application designs.

Responsive Design

Maximum information within the limited size of mobile phones and tablets.

Design Reviews

Every screen's design is thoroughly reviewed and enhanced as per the latest trends and usability aspects before reaching the client's inbox.


Clickable prototypes that allows you to navigate through the complete system.

Mobile Application

We understand that users expect a completely different experience when it comes to the mobile applications, and we make sure your big idea application doesn't fall short when it comes to look and feel of the application along with highly friendly user experience. We design our mobile applications with the goal of reaching the editor's choice in its category.

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